As Community Concerns Uganda (CCUg), we look at poverty as the one underlying problem which impacts on humanity in great diversity. In communities where we work, it is the biggest problem affecting hundreds of thousands of households.

We seek to tackle it using various direct and indirect methods. Directly we create and initiate income generating activities which improve on household incomes.

But because poverty and disease are intertwined in Uganda, we seek to use relatively cheap, but effective preventive rather than curative measures to reduce diseases through health education and sensitization. Empowering the community members with information about good hygiene and sanitation; causes, effects and solutions to domestic violence, we make a lasting change.

In addition, we go out to communities and empower adolescents with information about HIV/AID, sexual reproductive health in order to encourage them to not only

abstain from sex but also use safer sex methods
reducing unwanted pregnancies, school drop
outs and early marriages which could provide
a fertile ground for poverty to thrive. Furthermore,
we seek to uplift the girl child, who for generations
has been neglected by offering scholarships
inform of school fees and scholastic materials.

We not only hope but assert that this will not
only reduce on illiteracy, school drop outs,
early marriages but significantly wipe out poverty
and disease from the community. 

With such programs, we assert that gradually,
poverty and its associated effects will be reduced
if not eliminated.


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