Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy Training

When women are literate, the whole society gains

Education empowers women, giving them the tools they need to promote and advance their economic, political and social status. Studies show that literacy forms a vital foundation to bring about improvements in all aspects of women's lives -- from their own earning potential to better child management and greater support for their children's education. Literacy gives women a stronger voice within their individual households and also within the political, business and social life of their communities.

Nearly 95% of the women we work with are either semi-literate or illiterate, lacking the education and skills they need to escape a life of poverty. CCUg provides literacy training to give these women the assistance they need to improve their own lives and those of their children.  Courses include reading and writing, basic arithmetic, parenting (with communication and conflict resolution skills) and basic computer skills (introductory material and practical experience using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and e-mail).  Financial literacy and tailoring are also taught to prepare students to establish and successfully manage their own small businesses after completing their coursework.

Our programs are premised on the belief that women's literacy and good parenting skills are critical for improving their children’s performance and retention in school, and also for strengthening their own ability to initiate, expand and maintain income-generating activities.  A stable source of family income is essential for keeping children in school; without it, women cannot afford to pay school fees and buy the supplies necessary to support their children's education. In addition to literacy training, our approach seeks to stimulate an interest in ongoing educational attainment, better health and access to health care services, as well as increased engagement in social issues affecting women, youth and children in the communities we serve.

CCUg literacy training is a community-based initiative, delivering training and services to women in and near their own villages. Courses are conducted in a mixture of Lusoga, Luganda and English, and are based on the government's Modified Curriculum Functional Adult Literacy training model. We encourage the families of adult learners to take an active interest in their progress, supplementing course material with both informal and formal learning at home. Peer mentoring is also used to pair preliterate women with those possessing very low literacy skills as a way of solidifying knowledge among learners and assisting others in their progress. 



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