Community Concerns Uganda (CCUg) focuses on using education to reduce poverty among women, youths and children. The organization provides sponsorship to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) while working with caregivers to uplift household incomes. The organization provides sponsorship to OVC in primary schools in Jinja and Mayuge districts, Eastern Uganda. All the OVC families under sponsorship are facing a hunger problem. Join us and enable 70 OVC families improve food security to avert malnutrition, starvation and death.



CCUg works in East Central Region of Uganda where 0.38 million people are living in a crisis food situation. A recent survey conducted by the organization found that more than 80 OVC families are food insecure, ranging from crisis to acute food insecurity. Without interventions, these families face increased risks to chronic malnutrition among children and caregivers, school dropout, starvation and even death. To counter the food insecurity afflicting OVC families, CCUg seeks to implement a sustainable food security project among 70 OVC in Jinja and Mayuge districts.

The Solution

CCUg’s strategy is to provide a long-term access to nutritional food among OVC and their caregivers through increasing access to farming land for food production. The organization will rent 35 acres of land for one year. During the year, 70 OVC families will be provided with half an acre each to farm. These caregivers are eager to work; however, they don’t have the opportunity to earn income or farm. Subsequently, they will be able to grow crops on their rented subplots to feed the OVC and other household members.


The project will improve knowledge and skills of these caregivers in sustainable agronomic practices to increase food security and household incomes. In addition, the project will also improve their knowledge of financial literacy while increasing accessibility to credit. It will further facilitate value addition among caregivers engaged in soya bean growing while fostering collective marketing and sales.


The project will distribute soya beans (Maksoy 3N variety) and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) to caregivers to plant.  Soya bean production has high potential in not only fighting hunger and food insecurity among OVC families but also increasing household incomes through selling of surplus produce. In addition, Uganda ranks number 3 out of 75 countries suitable for investing in OFSP. The potatoes provide up to 100% of daily Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium needs thus preventing malnutrition and improving on the vision of OVC and their caregivers.


  • The project will improve food security among 70 OVC families enabling them to uplift their household incomes, improve nutrition and reduce malnutrition and risks to starvation and death.
  • The project will increase school retention among OVC enabling skills and knowledge acquisition which are vital in poverty reduction in the long run.


The increased access to credit in form of practical savings and loaning activities will help OVC caregivers to rent or buy their own land for farming by the end of the year so as to continue farming. Similarly, income earned from selling soya flour will also be used to sustain the project. In addition, agronomic skills as well as other skills related to soya bean and OFSP growing are life-long which caregivers as well as their children will utilize for the rest of their lives.

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