OVC Sponsorship

OVC Sponsorship

Orphan and Vulnerable Child Sponsorship

Although it is every child’s right to obtain an education, many young girls and boys in the communities we serve don’t realize this right. Rising levels of education are positively correlated with improved quality of life, better opportunities for gainful employment, lower fertility rates among women, more productive farming, better nutrition, improved health and hygiene, lower incidence of disease, reduced early pregnancies and fewer early marriages, among other benefits.

CCUg recognizes education as a fundamental human right that applies equally to all children throughout the world. Our objective is to reduce poverty by providing education to women, youth and children.  Through our Orphans and Vulnerable Child (OVC) Sponsorship program, we provide scholarships in form of school fees, scholastic materials, guidance and mentoring that enables at-risk children to attend school regularly.

Our program is designed to operate as a sustainable partnership between CCUg, the children who are direct program beneficiaries and their caregivers. Our holistic approach seeks to empower the entire household.  It begins with sponsorship of one or more at-risk children, and expands to include entrepreneurial skills training and access to financial credit for their caregivers through membership in our local GSP savings programs. Gradually, as the family's household income stabilizes and increases, we are able to reduce our support while the family increases theirs, enabling the children to remain in school without CCUg assistance.



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