Volunteer Testimonies

Ashley Cicero

Ashley Cicero

The University you were attending when you had internship with us:
Pennsylvania State University

The year you were with us: Summer 2014

The duration of your internship and your current situation:

Graduating Pennsylvania State University in May 2017, currently applying to law school.

What you liked and learned from CCUg:

My favorite part of my CCUg internship was working with the women and our host family in the gardens. I liked getting my hands dirty, pulling roots, planting seeds and just having fun enjoying everybody’s company. We also got to climb the mango tree and eat the sweet mouthwatering mangoes.

A sentence to welcome those who are interested in internship with CCUg.

CCUg is an amazing organization that works directly with the community. Brenda and Michael are supportive coordinators who are easy to work with in developing new ideas and helping those in need.

Working with CCUg will be a life changing decision, not only bettering yourself but those who are struggling in Uganda.


Tanik Joshipura

Tanik Joshipura

University at the time: The Ohio State University

Year I was with CCUg: 2013

Duration and my current situation: 

Kansas, United States

What I liked: 

  1. We are aware of and intimate with our beneficiaries. A foreign-run NGO has a major communication/cultural gap problem which we don't have with CCUg. 
  2. We have solid programs and are mature about how slow / fast we want to bring about change.
  3. Great directors who are committed to the CCUg mission. 

What I learned: 

  1. Micro-finance
  2. Culture of Uganda / NGO culture in Uganda. 
  3. Met so many different people from all across the world because of the tight-knit NGO community. 

Sentence: Support the women by contributing what is valued most: your time. 

Interested in Progress? ---> YES!! DEFINITELY!!! Especially the GSP.

Gabriella Ginsberg-Fletcher

Gabriella Ginsberg-Fletcher

University: Columbia University, NYC

Year: summer 2016- 6 weeks

Currently: Student at Columbia University

Learned from CCUg: I learned a lot about Ugandan culture, and about both the rewards and challenges of running a grassroots organization.

And of course I’d love to hear updates!


Lauren Trinh

I'm a graduate of Penn State University and interned with CCUg during the summer of 2014 for about one month. During my internship, I was involved in the women's group savings program (GSP) and delivered sexual and reproductive health education for students in primary and secondary schools.

I particularly enjoyed working closely with the local women, teaching them more about the importance of saving money to invest in their businesses so that it may grow. Upon graduation from Penn State, I moved to New York City and currently work as a knowledge broker.

I welcome all future interns of CCUg to benefit from the great experience I enjoyed, and encourage you to embrace the opportunity to make a difference through an internship with Community Concerns Uganda.

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